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Date 2010-6-25
History Many think of Combat Hopak (Ukrainian: Бойовий Гопак, Boyovyi Hopak) as a martial art based on Hopak &md.
Date 2010-6-24
HistoryBataireacht(pronounced “bata-rokt,” bata meaning stick in Irish) is the Irish martial.
Date 2010-6-17
HistoryKinomichi (氣之道) is a martial art in the tradition of budō, developed from the Japanese art aikido by Masamichi No.
Date 2010-5-26
Gouren – Wrestling from Brittany, FranceHistoryGouren, meaning wrestling in the Briton language, is a form.
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Style Test
1. What benefits do you want from martial arts?

a. I want self-defense and discipline
b. I would like to improve my health and body
c. Everything. Defense, discipline and fitness

2. Where is your body's powerhouse?

a. Most of my strength comes from my upper body
b. My legs are the strongest part of my body
c. My entire body is a powerhouse
d. Nowhere, I prefer to use weapons or skill

3. How would you defend yourself from an attack?

a. Striking my opponent down with all my might.
b. Blocking or controlling an opponent's strike
c. Somewhere in between.

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