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Post on: Date 2009-9-18
When it comes to MMA, there is no bigger name in the state of Maryland than John Rallo. He is the legendary MMA star who.
Post on: Date 2009-10-20
On October 23, an MMA event will take place in Maryland, United States, after amendment to the law prohibiting the sport.
Post on: Date 2009-10-26
By Adam Abusarar The Sai Rui (赛瑞 ) MMA and Fitness Club is scheduled to open on November 14. The gym will be located on .
Post on: Date 2009-10-28
Women's mixed martial arts, a fringe element of what is a growing-but-still-not-mainstream sport, comes to Harborside Ev.
Post on: Date 2009-10-28
Kotaku has just pointed out that EA has released a fistful of new details about its upcoming fighting game EA Sports MMA.
Post on: Date 2009-10-29
November is shaping up to be the most important month of fights this year.Of the 80 fighters ranked below -- including t.
Post on: Date 2009-10-29
CBS Senior Executive Vice President Kelly Kahl compared Heavyweight Champion “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianen.
Post on: Date 2009-11-2
The second monthly live MMA event will take place at the Paramount Club, featuring fighters from China, America, Thailan.
Post on: Date 2009-11-9
LEGENDARY Universal Fighting Championship (UFC) hall-of-famer Royce Gracie yesterday reminded new (and old) mix-martial .
Post on: Date 2009-11-10
It’s no secret that I believe the judging criteria in Mixed Martial Arts needs to be amended, and perhaps move away from.
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