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Date 2010-8-10
I was on the mat last Sunday to practice running through my fourth kyu test from beginning to end. It was quiet and dark.
Date 2010-7-30
In the nineties, Robert Downey Jr. was arrested multiple times for drug and alcohol-related crimes. He was quoted as say.
Date 2010-7-26
If one were to walk through the doors of Paragould Black Belt Academy and see Kathy Mungle working out, a couple of thou.
Date 2010-7-12
When considering extracurricular activities for your children, to boost not only physical health but also mental health,.
Date 2010-7-8
The ancient Chinese wellness practices known as tai chi and qigong provide many physical and mental health advantages, i.
Date 2010-7-7
Jacquelyn Anderson's mom, Kristy, tried several different activities to help her daughter socially, before findi.
Date 2010-6-24
LOS ANGELES (KABC) --- It's the part of surviving cancer that few people ever talk about. Chronic insomnia often.
Date 2010-6-22
Tai chi may boost your psychological health, according to a recent research review. A type of gentle martial art, tai ch.
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Style Test
1. What benefits do you want from martial arts?

a. I want self-defense and discipline
b. I would like to improve my health and body
c. Everything. Defense, discipline and fitness

2. Where is your body's powerhouse?

a. Most of my strength comes from my upper body
b. My legs are the strongest part of my body
c. My entire body is a powerhouse
d. Nowhere, I prefer to use weapons or skill

3. How would you defend yourself from an attack?

a. Striking my opponent down with all my might.
b. Blocking or controlling an opponent's strike
c. Somewhere in between.

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