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Date 2010-8-11
Last week word came down that the UFC was filing a lawsuit against Ken Pavia and Bellator Fighting Championships for the.
Date 2010-8-10
Kevin Engel is proud of his family’s accomplishments in taekwondo, and that’s understandable &md.
Date 2010-8-10
"HOW COME? You look so small!" A lot of my friends cannot understand why a small girl has such a &.
Date 2010-8-6
The little athletes line up for karate class with a twist. This class for 4 to 6 year olds stresses self-discipline and .
Date 2010-8-6
Japan Sumo Association Chairman Musashigawa said Thursday he is back to work after undergoing surgery for stomach cancer.
Date 2010-8-5
There comes a moment in life when time stops, when you forget everything you have or could have. And you sit still, mesm.
Date 2010-8-3
A Levin dairy owner used his judo skills to fend off would-be robbers pointing a pistol at his head.Playford foodmarket .
Date 2010-7-30
Questions have been asked about the management of mixed martial arts tournaments in the US following the death of an ama.
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1. What benefits do you want from martial arts?

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c. Everything. Defense, discipline and fitness

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b. My legs are the strongest part of my body
c. My entire body is a powerhouse
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3. How would you defend yourself from an attack?

a. Striking my opponent down with all my might.
b. Blocking or controlling an opponent's strike
c. Somewhere in between.

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