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Date 2010-11-1
The statue in Bruce Lee Paradise is a new landmark of Jun'an, hometown of the kungfu master. Photos by Wang Jing.
Date 2010-10-13
As one of the ancient capital cities of China, Zhengzhou has a vast historical and cultural heritage. With more than 2,0.
Date 2010-9-7
Wang Desheng, a kungfu master, practices Wing Chun at his martial arts gym in Beijing on Sept 3. Liu Zhe / for China Dai.
Date 2010-9-6
by Li JiabaoBEIJING, Sep. 6 (Xinhuanet) -- The recent assault of a high-profile campaigner by two thugs has sparked fres.
Date 2010-8-25
American Raphael Robert Zanders-McNeil practices Wudang jianfa at the Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy on Mount Wudang, Hube.
Date 2010-8-19
It's not every day you meet a chief executive officer named "Punkass." Especially one who runs.
Date 2010-8-16
The head of the B.C. Medical Association is calling for a Canada-wide ban on mixed martial arts because of the potential.
Date 2010-8-13
Philippine martial art "Arnis" (eskrima) will be further promoted in the United Kingdom with the openi.
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